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OBX Mystery Dinner Presents:

A Ho Ho Whole New Way to See Santa!

Ho Ho Hold the phone! What’s that I hear? You’re worried about getting in touch with Santa this year? That your letter might get lost in the mail? That you won’t be able to visit Santa at his satellite workshop in the mall? Well, kids, Christmas is coming early and I have fantastic news for you! How would you like to speak, one on one, with Santa himself, uninterrupted, for 10 whole minutes! Imagine what conversations you could have! How does he get down that chimney? How does he fly so fast? How does he eat all of those cookies? Well, now you have the time to ask!


And it’s so easy! With your own computer, you can access and schedule your own personal call with Santa at  Parents - no lines, no rush, just a magical experience for you and your young ones on your very own 10 minute ZOOM call with jolly old St. Nick! And best of all, you can visit the North Pole without ever leaving your own house! 


With or without milk and cookies, Santa will be calling you from his workshop at the North Pole. So, who’s got their list ready to go? Cause its’ a Ho, Ho, Whole new way to connect with Santa this year.


Video Messages

Are you worried that you’ll make the naughty list if you can’t make the time to schedule your call with Santa? Snowed under with all that preparation for Christmas? Ho, ho, whoa! Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Santa knows good things come to those who have to wait, and since you are all Santa’s little helpers, he’s created something special, just for you! 


Did you know you can request a personalized video from the jolly old elf himself? Santa will send you your very own personalized message, read you a bed time story, or create a Christmas memory video that you can watch over and over again! There’s no time like the present for this present! Christmas comes but once a year, and now you can have the gift that keeps on giving. Get your personalized video now at! Cause it’s a Ho, Ho, Whole new way to connect with Santa this year. 

Book Your 

Zoom Call with Santa

Purchase appointment below. All sales are final. Santa Claus Calls is not responsible for any technical issues on guests' end. In the event a guest is not present for their appointment, a video message from Santa will be sent in lieu of the appointment. Santa Claus Calls and OBX Mystery Dinner LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In the event of inappropriate conduct on the guest's end the call will be terminated immediately and the guest will not be refunded.  

Please Note: Santa Claus Call requires a parent or guardian present at all time of the call.



How do I book my call with Santa?

You can schedule your call with Santa or purchase a video message from our site. From there you will list details that Santa should know about making your interaction as magical as possible!

Can I purchase a call or video as a gift?

Of course! You can either schedule a call or video message for someone!

What if I cannot make my scheduled time?

Santa is very busy this holiday season so it is VERY important you arrive on time for your scheduled call. If you cannot make your scheduled time, Santa will attempt to reach out via telephone or send a video message in lieu of your visit.

Do I have to have a ZOOM account?

A ZOOM account is necessary for your virtual visit. Sign up for free at

Where is my Zoom Link?

A Zoom link will be in your confirmation e-mail.

Can we reschedule due to illness?

Unfortunately Santa is on a time crunch to meet all the boys and girls before Christmas. If you can't make your appointment, Santa will send a video message in lieu of your visit.

Can I have multiple users?

Yes! You can have family members join you for your call. Just remember your call is only 10 minutes. If you need more time please book multiple appointments. 

Thanks for join Santa's E-mail List!


For any additional questions e-mail:

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